For sophisticated interior design, use the innovative potential of additively manufactured parts to create special accents in a room. From mural reliefs to wall-covering decoration: We are able to produce ceramic tiles and décor objects in almost every form and function.


The special look and feel of ceramics in industrial design allows for appealing contrasts. We can make uniquely crafted design objects in breath-taking forms, in archival and museum quality.


Get a realistic impression of luxury tableware, shaped in postmodern styles, yet astonishingly functional. The fit and finish of the parts can be crafted to suit their particular utility. We can provide innovative prototypes and low-volume production with fine finishes for performance testing, consumer testing, or trade-shows.


There is a long history of ceramic art in almost every culture. As new technologies emerge, there is a push and pull for artists to develop new expressive forms. The possibility to exploit additive technologies to achieve new artistic expression marks a further step in the ongoing development of artistic expression.

Boston Ceramics is your partner for exclusive ceramic products. We have the expertise to inspire your creativity and develop new ceramic forms combining industrial geometries and your imagination. A perfect match between craftsmanship and engineering. Send us your data and we will make parts of incredible beauty and function. We are your hands-on partner through every step of the additive manufacturing process.


We can help you create a data model that can be 3d printed in ceramic. We will determine the feasibility of producing your design and provide insight for improvements for success without sacrificing the integrity of your design and artistic intent.


From years of experience and dedication we know our technology and material intimately. We are constantly improving our process and making the investment to the things that nobody else can do. Our results speak louder than words.


If making complex ceramic parts straight forward for us the icing to the cake is our high-quality ceramic finishing. To add the final touches to outstandingly formed parts, we professionally glaze your pieces in 15 different colors or can apply a custom-developed glaze.

You have the idea – we have the infrastructure to make it real. Let's discuss how we can put your world-changing, ground-breaking visions into action. Our personal design support helps you make your imaginative ideas a reality.